Lakegirl Customer Feedback, comments, ideas, and thoughts

We love our LAKEGIRL Fans !  

Many Lakegirls contact us to tell us about their experiences so below are listing some of them, we would love to hear from you too.


I purchased two items on line and I just received them. I haven't cleaned
them yet but I am very impressed with the quality. I've
been a dry cleaner for over twenty years so I know clothes and there is a
lot of junk out there. I love that my sweatshirt was made longer, people
wear them usually to keep warm hate when they are to short and always
pulling them down. Keep up the great work  

--- Lisa 


My wife loves it, and I'm a total sucker for the ponytail out the back of the hat look. Good for running visibility, too. Win-win-win.


I love this hard to find kind of unique ladies cap. Fast shipment, colors as viewed, can't wait to wear it and expect great compliments. --- Landri 


I sent this to a friend for her birthday, and she absolutely loves it!  --- Sarah 


Your company has one of the greatest customer service I've ever come
across. Your response to any issue is wonderful.  I hope y'all have a
great holiday.  I will continue to order from your company and tell
others how great it is.  - LISA