Ambassador Program

Do you live for the lake? Is the lake a constant part of you, regardless if you’re there or not? Do you want the world to know what the lake means to you, and how special it is? If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

Lakegirl is an exclusive apparel brand that celebrates the lifestyles created and enjoyed by lake girls everywhere. Our garments and designs are aligned with the lake lifestyle – comfortable, beautiful, definitional, and close to your heart. And we have recently launched…

An ambassador program! We are hoping to connect lakegirls who share the same passion for lake life and our lakegirl clothing. The ambassadors will act as representatives of the brand and are responsible for promoting Lakegirl through social media, word-of-mouth, and events. In return, you will receive exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and the opportunity to be featured on the brand's website and social media channels. 

Apply to be a part of our Ambassador team through the link below!